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Earthtones is inspired by the colors of clay bodies found in nature. Warm comforting tones ranging from browns to earthy reds, and muddy yellows. Earthtones tasting notes are dark chocolate, toasted almonds, with a hint of candied orange. This is a fuller body coffee that captures strong rich chocolaty notes and light candied orange that lingers on the tongue. This coffee can be enjoyed both as a pour-over or espresso. As an espresso, it has a wonderful maple syrup mouth feel. As a pour-over, it is comforting and cozy just like the first snow day of the year.  As the season changes, so will Earthtones. Just like fruits and vegetables have different seasons, so does coffee. As our coffee offerings change we find coffees from different origins that capture similar characteristics. 
This season Earthtones is made up of Huila, Colombia  
Region: Huila, Colombia
Producer: CO-OP
Elevation : 1920 m.a.s.l
Variety: Bourbon
Process: Washed
Tasting Note: Milk Chocolate, Lime, Pecan

We recommend the following recipes as a starting point:



Dose: 20 grams

Brew temperature: 201ºF-202ºF/94ºC-94.5ºC

Brew time: 28-33 sec

Brew Ratio: 1:2

Brew weight:  40 grams



Pour Over 

Dose: 24 grams

Brew temperature: 201ºF-203ºF/94ºC-94.5ºC

Brew time: 2:30Min-3:00Min

Brew weight: 350g of water