Brazil - Fazenda Rio Norte

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Fazenda Rio Norte is located in Muniz Freire, Espirito Santo, Brazil and run by Aguinaldo da Silva Lopes and his wife Leidinane Bastos. The farm sits at an elevation of 1,050 m.a.s.l. and consists of 7 Ha in total. Aguinaldo currently has 2 of those Ha planted in coffee; 5,000 trees of Red Catuai and 5,000 trees of Yellow Catuai. This particular lot is 100% Red Catuai and processed as a Natural. Upon picking the ripest cherries, the coffee is laid to dry in a greenhouse structure for approximately 20 days.

Aguinaldo became a farmer by “opportunity” he told us: the farm was for sale and he decided to purchase it approximately 4 years ago. He lives on the farm with Leidinane and both are involved in almost every aspect of the production: fertilizing, farm maintenance, harvest, processing, and drying. However, Aguinaldo handles the commercializing of the coffees. During the harvest, Aguinaldo and his wife do everything! Meaning, they do not hire any full-time or part-time laborers to work during the harvest or outside of the harvest... quite a feat for having 10,000 trees!

Producer: Aguinaldo da Silva Lopes & Leidinane Bastos

Location: Muniz Freire, Espirito Santo, Brazil

Farm: Fazenda Rio Norte

Elevation: 1,050 m.a.s.l

Varieties: Red Catuai

Processing: Natural

We taste - 

milk chocolate, lychee, & dried strawberries.