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Burundi Gaharo 2

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Gaharo holds a special place in the heart of Tiny Arms. 

Nestled deep within the heart of the small coffee producing country of Burundi, on the border of the northern Kayanza Province, is the village of Bukeye. At 1,760masl, Bukeye bustles with all the activity of village life. Just beyond the village, down a dirt road lined with trees, lies the birthplace of Long Miles Coffee-the Bukeye Washing Station.
The first washing station built by Long Miles rests at the feet of Gaharo hill, on a piece of land that seemed to be long forgotten by everyone else. Every inch of it was cleared by Gaharo farmers and bricks were made from clay found in the valley below. The same farmers who helped to build Bukeye from scratch now deliver their cherries to it. To us, Gaharo farmers have become our neighbors and co-workers. We have grown, worked and developed as a community “twese hamwe”; together. What sets this hill apart from others in the region is the number of blacksmiths hand-crafting metal into knives and farming tools. 
Region : Muramvya Province
Producer : LongMile Project
Elevation : 1760 m.a.s.l
Variety : Bourbon
Process : Natural 
Tasting Note : Blueberries, Green Mango, & Panela