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We taste: Popcorn, Papaya, & Panela

Kerehaklu Estate, located in Chi kmagalur, India, Is run by Ajoy and Pranoy Thipaiah, a father and son team. The 97-hec tare farm has a unique charm, blending a sense of timelessness s with cutting-edge practices . Unlike the coffee fields found in much of the producing world, where clear- cutting of Forrest for high productivity has become the norm, KEREHAKLU ESTATE LOT 2 CHIKMAGALUR, INDIA the coffee plant s at Kerehaklu grow within dense, old-growth jungle, with tall Coffea Liberica plants scattered throughout the hedgerows . Stepping into the coffee processing area, however, there is no mistaking the modern approach taken by Pranoy , who applies his undergraduate biology degree to push the boundaries of coffee processing and potential under the microscope.

Producer: Ajoy and Pranoy Thipaiah

Location: Karnataka State,

Chikmagalur District, Aldur Village

Farm: Kerehaklu Estate

Elevation: 1,200 masl

Variety: Selection 9

Process: Anoxic Washed.

This lot was fermented for 32 hours in an oxygen reduced environment before being washed and then removed to raised beds inside of a ventilated poly-house for slow drying.