Costa Rica - Don Mayo Anaerobic Natural

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A sweet and balanced coffee with fresh acidity. Aromas of blackcurrant, green grape, and Champagne.

Operated by Pablo Bonilla, Don Mayo Micromill is a family business founded in 2006 in the Tarrazú region of Costa Rica. Pablo’s family has been producing coffee for three generations in the Los Santos Zone, specifically in the cantons of León Cortes and Tarrazú, and today they have farms ranging from 1650–2000 meters above sea level alongside their family mill. Catuai is the predominantly cultivated variety at the farms, though some lots are planted with less common varieties such as Java, Gesha, and others.

Don Mayo Micromill is outfitted with state-of-the-art machinery and is committed to producing high-quality coffee. This commitment is demonstrated through the mill’s success in Costa Rica’s Cup of Excellence competition, having auctioned more than 35 lots through the competition and placing first in both 2009 and 2020.

This lot of Catuai coffee underwent Anaerobic Natural processing at Don Mayo Micromill. Coffee cherries were first washed before being sealed into airtight tanks where they were fermented for 36 hours. The fermented cherries were then dried in the mill’s slow drying area for eight days before being finished on drying patios for 10 or more days.

Producer: Pablo Bonilla

Location: San Marcos, Tarrazu

Farm: Bellavista  

Elevation: 1650–2000 masl

Varieties: Catuai

Processing: Anaerobic natural

We taste - 

dark chocolate, strawberry, & citrus.


We paid $9 per pound for this coffee.