Ethiopia - Nano Challa

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Nano Challa was founded in 2010, it was one of the first cooperatives in the west to receive support from Technoserve, along with the other KM coops, Duromina and Yukro. This support was critical in helping these cooperatives establish themselves and improve their coffee quality. 

Despite the challenges faced by many coffee producers in Ethiopia, Nano Challa Cooperative remains committed to sustainable growth and improving the livelihoods of its members. In 2018, it opened a second

processing site called Genji Challa, allowing the cooperative to process more coffee and expand its reach while maintaining the same high standards of quality and sustainability that it has become known for.

This season, Nano Challa, like many others in Ethiopia, faced a significant challenge due to the high price of cherry. Since the cooperative does not own coffee plants, it purchases all of its cherry from cooperative members. As a result, the high cherry prices represented a record expense for the cooperative. Despite this challenge, Nano Challa remains committed to its members' welfare and is currently undertaking projects such as the construction of a road for its members.

Province - Gera, Jimma, Oromia Region,
Genji Challa Kebele

Farm Name - Nano Challa  

Altitude - 1980- 2200 masl

Variety -  Heirloom 

Process - washed

Harvest 2023

Tasting Notes: black tea,  dark honey, & sweet basil