Ethiopia- Shantawene

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A sweet and balanced coffee with fresh acidity.

We Taste - orange, starfruit, melon, with a creamy body.

The elevation of the farms that deliver cherry range in elevation from 1,990m at the low end, all the way to 2,190m at the high end. Due to the extremely high elevations, harvest runs on the later end, from December through February. Approximately 940 farmers from the Shantwene Village deliver cherry to the Gafisse Washing Station and grow primarily the 74158 variety. The Washing Station is proud to mention that it employs nearly 150 contracted workers during the harvest season.

Producer: Co-op

Location: Bensa, Sidama

Washing Station: Gafisse

Elevation: 1,990 masl

Varieties: Heirloom (primarily 74158)

Processing: Washed

Sourced By: Coffee Quest

We Paid: $11.66/ Kilo