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Honduras - Santos Rufina Flores

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Santos Rufina and her husband, Juan Pablo, are both second generation coffee farmers. In 1990, they inherited Finca Los Pinos from Juan Pablo’s parents. Like many other farms in Honduras, they enjoyed many years of high prices and suffered through years of low prices. Their biggest challenge came when the Coffee Rust disease destroyed their farm in 2008 and then nearly destroyed everything again in 2017. For many years, they had a farm full of the Bourbon variety which when destroyed by Coffee Rust was replace by the supposedly Rust-resistant Lempira and IHCAFE-90 varieties but those were also affected and now they have the Parainema variety.

Their finca located in the town of El Aguila is in the Jamastran valley, northeast of Danli, an important agricultural area where corn and vegetables are grown at the lower altitudes and coffee, plantain, and banana grown at the higher altitudes. It is an area that has been dominated by intermediaries that often take advantage of producers.

For several years now they have not used any chemicals on their farm and are now in the process of organic certification in partnership with CECRUCSO organization. CECRUCSO is an organization that works with 20 small cooperatives (of about 20-25 producers each).

In 2018, with the help of their son Darwin, they started to focus on producing specialty coffee but had no success in selling their coffee until this year. They were thrilled to finally find a buyer willing to pay a better price for the work they have put in. They dream of having a consistent buyer for their coffee that they can offer great coffee to. They also manage a small convenience store from their house that has helped them get through some hard times.

2022 update:

As a result of the commercial relationship in the 2020-2021 harvest, Santos Rufina's family has been able to make improvements to their farm, as well their quality of life; she says that the good prices of the previous season served to improve the fertilization and general maintenance of their farm, and as a result, they are expecting a production never seen before in their farm.

They have two solar dryers but this past season, they had to rent three more which presented challenges of increased production costs. They intend to reduce the size of the farm: "to be able to concentrate their effort, since specialty coffees are not about the amount of area produced, but about excellent care. This decision to reduce the amount of area is precisely to concentrate on giving better attention to the farm" (Santos Rufina stated).

“The goal for the next season is to increase the processing area (solar dryers, maintenance of the pulping machine), with this we want to increase the quality of our coffee and make our buyers happier and continue increasing our income, due to the improvement in prices.”

“As a production forecast for this new season, we intend to increase the supply of coffee to 50% more, compared to the current season, always maintaining the quality, and making the improvements or adjustments needed.”

Region : Bañaderos, Danli, El Paraiso, Honduras
Producer :  Santos Rufina Flores
Elevation : 1550 m.a.s.l
Variety : Red and Yellow Catuaí
Process : Washed Process
Tasting Note : Yellow Peaches, Red vines, Honey