The Misfit Boba Collection

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These pieces are misfits. While they are fully functional they have minor glaze flaws. 

The Boba Collection! Tumblers are made to look like your favorite bubble tea. Available in Matcha, Milk Tea, & Taro. The interiors are glazed white and the exteriors are unglazed with glazed boba details. 

All patterns are created by hand and no two pieces look exactly the same. 


Tumbler - 8-10 oz


All ceramics are dishwasher and microwave safe! The exterior pattern can fade if The piece is aggressively scrubbed with a scouring pad. 

By purchasing Tiny Arms Ceramics products you are acknowledging that:

• Tiny Arms there is an understanding that each piece is unique with handmade qualities. With that comes tiny wobbles and imperfections that make each piece perfect. While each piece will have a similar form and clay, you may see differences in applications of glaze and slight variations in size. 

• All wares are made with attention to detail including remnants of the hand at work and intentional “imperfections”.

• All items are food safe.

• All items are dishwasher and microwave friendly, unless otherwise noted.

 • Function is tested and unless otherwise noted (misfits), this piece will function completely as it is advertised.

• Tiny Arms Ceramics is a one-woman business, please keep in mind that returns cannot be made for any reason beyond receiving the wrong product.

Please remember to be kind when purchasing handmade. These items are loved from the moment they are made to the second they’re sent out to you. You are bringing a piece of Tiny Arms Ceramics and myself into your home.