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A Tiny Story about Tiny Arms.

It started as a dream of a person who never worked in coffee. In high school, Jon worked at some big coffee chains, but at the end of college Jon was introduced to specialty coffee, and that's when his vision started to develop. At the beginning of his specialty coffee journey he met his now wife, Kate, and his dream of owning a coffee shop turned into a love story. Everything he once envisioned for his dream shop changed. He developed a greater appreciation for the people behind the coffee and the environment. They came up with the name early on in their relationship on a short trip to Brooklyn. They were playing a game where they came up with trendy business names based on things they saw while walking. And when they saw a T-rex she laughed and said, "Tiny Arms". It stuck, and he went from dreaming solo to dreaming together for almost four years. Learning from employers to create their ideal coffee company, one based on compassion, community, and sustainability. This adventure has been one of the hardest yet, but watching dreams come true shouldn't be easy.