A Tiny bit about Tiny Arms.

A humble beginning

Tiny Arms is a modern coffee company established in Lowell, Mass in 2021. We started in a small shop not too far from the city center, a dedicated tiny team aiming to offer something new and exciting to Lowell. In 2023 we made the tough choice to close our cafe and focus solely on roasting. 


Loring Smart Roaster

Seeking to always improve, Tiny Arms aims to use some of the best coffee equipment around to help deliver great coffee. With this in mind on January 3rd 2022 - we started roasting on a Loring (clean & more dependable roaster rather than our pervious roaster). 

Our Values

When Jon and Kate first dreamt up Tiny Arms they knew if they were going to be creating more “stuff” it would have to be done sustainably. Unfortunately, the coffee industry is not usually a sustainable one, but we think that should change. It starts with our partners, sustainable farms, sustainable suppliers, sustainable packaging, and our Loring Smart Roaster. It doesn’t end there, under our roof we believe in minimal waste, composting & recycling when possible, and generating as little landfill materials as we can. (we’re human and are really doing our best)

At Tiny Arms we believe that transparency is essential to remaining sustainable, this is why we share our importers and suppliers with all of you.

We believe in giving back to our community, creating a healthy work environment, and using our platform for good!

Our roots lie in sustainability, transparency, and quality. We are forever working to better our product, ourselves, but most importantly the planet we live in.


Our Story

Tiny Arms started as a very tiny dream back in 2017 when Jon Santos and Kate Cutlip met. In 2019, Kate turned that dream into a very tiny ceramics company with a focus on vessels for specialty coffee. As Kate’s passion for ceramics grew, so did Jon’s desire to expand into a coffee roaster. At the end of 2019 they decided it’s was time to make this tiny dream a reality! Of course they didn’t know at the time that COVID-19 was about to sweep in and make things take a tiny bit longer. At the end of 2020 Jon and Kate settled in Lowell, MA at a beautiful mill. In 2023 Jon and Kate decided to sell the cafe and focus on roasting, moving their operation to Shirley, MA. 

Jon Santos

Jon grew up in New England but also spent some of his childhood in Brazil. Jon has spent his Adult years working in the coffee industry as a barista/roaster. He has become a very skilled barista with an exceptional palate, thanks to the last 10 years of working with some very talented people in the coffee industry. Outside of Tiny Arms he enjoys spending time with our two rescue pups, traveling, and street photography. 


Kate Cutlip   

Kate also grew up in New England. She   attended Pratt Institute where she received a degree in Industrial Design with a minor in Sustainability. While she loved the product design and problem solving skills she learned there, she felt that sitting at a desk and designing more stuff while we are in an environmental crisis didn’t sit well with her. Ceramics naturally felt like the perfect direction to go into. She was able to have a strong focus in product design, but with minimal waste! In 2023 Kate gained a new skill and started roasting for Tiny Arms! When Kate is not roasting and up to her elbows in clay she enjoys baking, walks in nature, and spending time with her tiny family.