Ecuador - El Sauce

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Brought from one of the oldest coffee growing regions in Ecuador, El Sauce.
Many producers lost a large part of their production, but due to the elevations in El Sauce, many producers were able to maintain a large part of their Typica plots, or “Criollo” as they call the variety locally.

Our El Sauce Communal Lot from Quilanga, Loja, Ecuador is brought to you by coffee producers in and around the sub-region of Quilanga, known as El Sauce. The farms in this region are relatively small, ranging from 1 to 5 Ha.

This lot is composed primarily of traditional Typica or Criollo and Bourbon (70%), with the remaining a mix of Pacas, San Salvador and Catimor (30%). The harvest period in El Sauce is between May and August and the producers generally follow a very similar fermentation and drying process: 24 hours de-pulped and dry fermented, followed by 10-12 days drying, depending on the weather.

Province - Quilanga, Loja

Farm Name - El Sauce Coop

Altitude 1,700 - 2,200 masl 

Variety - Criollo, Bourbon, Pacas, San Salvador & Catimor

Process - Washed 

Harvest: May- August 2023

Tasting Notes: Earl Grey, Brown Sugar Boba, & Pomelo